I picked up my beautiful Memory Bead from Dolly today, and for the first time in 6 years I feel whole again. I lost my precious daughter Amy 6 years ago and haven’t felt complete since. Although my daughters spirit is always with me, I still had a emptiness because I wanted so desperately to be able to touch her again. And now I can. Dolly made my heart shaped Memory Bead into a necklace that I can wear, and touch. Amy’s heart is now next to mine. I can’t tell you the healing power it has had already. Thank you Dolly for caring so much and for your beautiful work. I will cherish my memory bead always.

Scripts Ranch, CA

Dolly’s memory beads are such a gift. They are so beautiful and each is made with such loving care. My son, Abram, died in a tragic hiking accident at the tender age of 19. Dolly understands firsthand such a devastating loss. She lovingly made memory beads for our family and Abram’s friends. We call our beads Abram Beads, and they bring us so much comfort. They help us remember him in a beautiful and unique way. My family and I cannot thank Dolly enough for creating our Abram Beads.  We will treasure them forever.

Lisa Jones,
Abram’s Mom


Abram (19th Birthday)

At the Second Annual Blood Drive in honor of our beloved grandson, Abram, many friends and family celebrated his birthday with a reunion and BBQ at the beach.  A table was set up where Dolly and Abram’s mom taught Abram’s cousins and young friends how to make bracelets and necklaces using the beautiful memory beads.  I’ll never forget the love and fun and reverence those children showed making the jewelry using the exquisite beads. Dolly explained to them what the beads were and their eternal connection to Abram.  A year later, those children were wearing the beads to the Third Annual Blood Drive. Having them near to them, treating them with the love and reverence they deserve, gave these children their first understanding of what the ancients called “relics.” We are so very grateful to have such a beautiful, tangible remembrance of our dear boy.  

Jo Bechtold,
Abram’s Grandmother
abram's family picture abram's family picture 2

“My Abram bead travels with me everywhere, either on my wrist or tied to my backpack. When Dolly brought the beads to the beach that day it was very therapeutic to weave them into the leather with the waves crashing in the background. My bead has the colors of the Costa Rican water, which will forever remind me of the trip we took with Abram to celebrate his high school graduation.”

trans gif
-(Abram’s) Auntie Paula

Thank you so much...I received the beads a few days ago...they were so welcomed...Each of the kids and grandkids and members of the band and friends have taken at least one. . I picked the multi-color bead as Jeff loved to wear tie dye...and it reminds me so of his flare and zest. Each person has a story of why they picked their unique bead. And so far I wear mine everywhere...again I can't thank you enough for the wonderful gift.

Inver Grove Heights, MN


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